In love with my lemon tree

Since I consume lemons like others drink coffee I decided to plant my own lemon tree. Luckily I´m living on an island where the soil provides all necessary minerals and organics to help this baby tree grow.

I drove to the garden center, bought the tree and after finding the right place for this little one, started to dig. It wasn´t that easy since the earth contains a lot of rocks. After 45 min the hole was deep enough to plant the tree. Now it is sitting there surrounded by beautiful orange and mandarin trees and I can´t wait to pick the first lemon.

Why am I such a huge fan of lemons besides the taste? Here are the health benefits (shortcut).

1. Aids in digestion and detoxification
2. Increased liver function
3. Liver cleansing
4. Fight respiratory infections
5. Aid your metabolism
6. Revitalize your skin
7. Alkalize yourself
8. Lose weight

Did you know that your metabolism will be triggered when starting your day with one glass of lemon water? Get up, squeeze one lemon into a glass and fill it up with cold water. After 30 min you can start your day with breakfast.

Since our body fixes, balances and repairs things over night and especially takes care of all unnecessary acids (flushes them out) you should not interrupt him in the morning hours. Give him some time and do not add any additional acids (like coffee, cheese, bread and sausage) before he is done with his work (normally at around noon or before you visit the bathroom the first time).

Lemons are alkaline not acidly. Even when they taste sour your metabolism converts them into alkaline food.

If you want to learn more about lemons or other super foods please feel free to contact me!




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