Organic oat bread

This is for all of you who are constantly on the run, complaining about having no time but still care about nutrient-rich and healthy food. Before continuing buying bread which might be full of preservatives bake you own! The preparation time won´t exceed 20 min. I promise!

Lets admit it … we all love bread. The most of us grew up in a country where bread is common. As for breakfast, snack or even for dinner.

Since our body is used to eat bread some of you might not suffer under digestive problems. But others react sensitive to gluten or having a hard time to digest bread completely. This might occur out of the following reasons.

The ingredients play the major role!

Gluten doesn´t need to be added to bake bread. There are other options like chia seeds, coconut oil, flax seeds and psyllium.

Keep it vegan!

There is no need to add eggs. Bread can be totally vegan. And we do not want to add more acid to it anyway. We like to keep it alkaline.

No preservatives!

When you buy industrial bread a lot of preservatives have been added to assure the stability of the bread. Honestly who wants to eat preservatives? A natural baked bread starts to get moldy after a couple of days. That´s a normal process and shows that only fresh and pure ingredients have been used.

Be aware of your chewing habits!

Chew slowly and for a long time. Every bite needs to be turned into a mash before swallowing. Your body will be grateful for this.

Here is the recipe of the organic oat bread (low on gluten):

170 g sunflower seeds
90 g of flaxseed crushed
65g of walnuts
145 g of oatmeal
2 tablespoons chia seeds
3 tablespoons psyllium husk
1 teaspoon crystal salt
3 tablespoons liquid coconut oil
350 ml of warm water
1 tablespoon of coconut flour (or other gluten-free flour) for the baking pan
1 pinch of cumin
1 pinch of coriander

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Grease bread baking tin and sprinkle with coconut flour.
Fill a refractory form with water and place in the oven. Due to the moisture in the oven, the outer layer of the bread remains elastic and can expand without tearing.
Put 135 g of sunflower seeds, linseed, oatmeal, chia seeds and psyllium husks in a blender and mix for about 1 minute at the highest level.
Add the liquid coconut oil with the warm water and mix again briefly so that everything is well mixed. Then pour the mixture into a bowl, add the walnuts with the remaining sunflower seeds and season with salt and the spices.
Knead to a firm bread dough until it separates from the bowl edge.
Put the dough in the baking pan and press well.
Bake at 180 degrees for about 30-35 minutes. Make a knock test on the bottom of the bread. To do this, take the bread out of the mold. If it does not sound hollow, as a precaution make the stick test and if necessary bake for 5 minutes without form.



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