Homemade Juice

Juices help supporting your immune system. Homemade juice also gives you the most nutrients without added artificial flavorings or preservatives. Your body will benefit from the following.

Sugar – These juices only contain sugar in its natural form called fructose. Most of the juices you buy have added sugars or artificial sweeteners on top of the natural sugar.

Fiber – Most of the fiber a fruit or vegetable contains is in the pulp or skin. When you make your own fresh juice at home, you can use the whole fruit or vegetable, including the skin.

Vitamin – When you make your own fresh juice at home, you get all the vitamins and minerals present in the produce, since you juice the rind, skin or pulp of the fruit as well.

The most obvious benefit of making your own juice is that there are no added preservatives or chemicals in the juice. You know what goes into the making of the juice. You can also make your own combinations to get the flavors and nutrition you want. For example, you can combine beets, carrots and spinach for a juice rich in vitamin A and lots of fiber. If you prefer something a bit sweeter, you can add some apples to the mix.





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