Raw vegan avocado lime cake (gluten- and lactose-free)

This beautiful raw vegan cake is for all of you who fancy cake but want to stick to a healthy version.

The good news up front – besides the health benefits – the preparation is so simple and it only takes 30 min of your time!

Here are some of the health benefits:

Avocado: prevents bad breath, aids in maintaining healthy skin, protects liver from damage, keeps eyes healthy, reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, aids in digestion and weight management, helps to overcome morning sickness during pregnancy

Lime: stimulates digestive system, eases constipation and heals peptic and oral ulcers, rejuvenates and protects skin from infection and reduces body odor, rich in Vitamin C helps to effectively cure scurvy, regulates sugar absorption in diabetics and prevent heart diseases, a glass of water with lime juice is a great weight reducer, gives relief from eye infections, nausea, arthritis, gout, fever and congestion.

Dates: healthy bowl movements and control diarrhea, prevent abdominal cancer and cure intestinal disorders, boost energy for anemic patients and increases sexual stamina, boost the nervous system health, minerals strengthens the bones, presence of sulfur reduces allergic reactions, reduces risk of stroke.

Walnuts: helps to improve bone health, beneficial in reducing risk of diabetes, prevents coronary hear diseases, aids in improving metabolism.

Coconut oil: reduces protein loss and nourishes hair, prevents wrinkles, sagging, dryness and flaking in skin, strengthens immune system, prevents high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, heals damaged tissues, liver and kidney diseases, pancreatitis, eliminates mental fatigue, helps to eliminate Candida Albicans, intake promotes nutrient absorption, increases metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Well, now after knowing those beautiful health benefits you will give a try, right? To create it vegan I used agave syrup instead of honey. Couldn´t find pecans (living in Ibiza is sometimes not easy ;-)) but walnuts work perfectly fine.

Here is the link to the recipe. Enjoy!!


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