Strawberry Smoothie (lactose-free)

Do you remember the times when your mom was serving you strawberry milk? We as kids loved it since it was creamy and fruity, fresh and sweet. Unfortunately our moms did not know better back in the days … the smoothie was made of cow milk with lots of sugar.

I learnt to refuse dairy products in a very early stage. Call it intuition or instinctive knowledge. Kids do know whats best for them! They are mostly listening to their gut feelings if we only let them. They know when they lack on proteins, fats, carbs, minerals or vitamins and they instinctively choose the right food.

In my case diary was more harmful then helpful. My gut was always bloated after consuming dairies (milk, yoghurt, cream, quark). Back then I haven´t had the knowledge yet that human beings produce the enzyme lactase (to break down lactose which is the milk sugar in dairies) only till the age of 3! So this declares all humans which are able to digest lactose later than 3 years of age to mutants. Pretty harsh in my eyes but that´s called evolution. People living in countries like Asia or Africa where the cow milk consumption is low suffer under bloating or stomachache almost immediately after drinking one glass of milk. Does this make you thoughtful?

Here are some good reasons why you should avoid milk:

So what are the alternatives?

Since the food industry is aware of the harm which can be caused by drinking milk they offer a variety of alternatives. Choose almond, oat, hemp, soya, rice or coconut milk. They are not only better in taste they provide you with great health benefits too.

This smoothie simply contains strawberries and oat milk. Buy strawberries which are ripe and sweet because then you do not need to eat any additional sweetener.



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