Holistic Nutrition

What is holistic nutrition?

According to holistic nutrition it is necessary to have a closer look to your body, soul and mental health.

Holistic derives from the Greek word hólos and means integrated. Which means we are not only concentrating on the effects of food to our bodies we implicate other factors as well. They are important for a comprehensive and effective health care.

Holistic nutrition teaches you the causal relationship between food, diseases, food intolerances and allergies.

In this context I would like to point out that holistic nutrition is not only useful as a prevention it will be particularly applied to excisting diseases.

Most of us are starting to get interested in healthy food and a healthy lifestyle to help deal with existing health problems they may have too. We are talking about small problems to begin with such as chronical fatigue, loss in efficiency, upset stomach / gut. Even more serious problems like adiposity, high blood pressure, dorsalgia, mental disorder and old-age diseases that may occur sooner or later.

It is coming to light that nutritionists are realizing that you cannot design a schedule for human beings like what is being taught by certain institutions … this is wrong … we need to design custom schedules for every different person. We are all different, live unique lives and at a younger or older stage you might be fighting with food intolerances, allergies or maybe you are lucky enough to declare yourself as a healthy human being.

I would like to give you a small example for this. Following the advice eating 5 fruits a day while maybe suffering from a fructose intolerance isn´t really helpful is it? Individual advice and coaching is needed to keep up with your mineral and vitamin balance.

If it is good for you … Eat it!!

Generally spoken there are no “don´ts“ in holistic nutrition. But … that doesn´t give you the right to eat Pizza, Burger and Pasta all day long. It is more about to teach you which nutrition is right for you, which micronutrients and trace elements are necessary to keep your body and mind in balance. Also soul food is sometimes necessary the quanitiy is the key! What are those natural ingredients which gives you full power and help you walking with great energy in a healthier life?

Let me tell you the truth and the bright sight of holisitc nutrition … as soon as you start a natural life again a life without industrial products then lots of your health problems will simply disappear and I promise … you won´t miss the food you used to eat at all!