My name is Tina. I’m born and raised in Germany and based on Ibiza. I studied holistic nutrition (certified) and graduated 2012. Within 8 years of experience, working with my clients worldwide, I have collected a lot of information. Since we are all individuals dealing with our own health issues, it is necessary to apply individual health and nutrition plans. I keep educating myself in all health-related topics. Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, improved sleep patterns and self-care are curial to keep the balance physically and mentally.

I design custom-made programs and I’m working closely with other health practitioner. This is very important because only when we work together, we assure that we cover all health parameters of our clients.

When it comes to nutrition, I collect health programs from all over the world which are proven to heal our bodies and our minds. Before I even recommend them to my clients, I try them myself. Being my own guinea pig as to say. The programs which help healing us will be put together as one. Then at the end there are only a few adjustments necessary to create an individual coaching.

I’m specialized in lectin- and gluten-free diet, elimination diet, alkaline diet, autoimmune diseases and detox. My newest field of interest however is brain disorders. More and more people suffer under anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, autism and later on Alzheimer, Parkinson and Asperger. Knowing that the body has a strong impact on our minds (and vice versa) provides us an opportunity to heal our body and therefore our mind.

So, let’s get started. If you want to know why you are suffering under certain health issues, being constantly tired and low on energy levels, feeling emotionally overwhelmed or just having the feeling that something is not quite right then contact me. Together we create your personal health plan. This holistic approach helps healing your physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual being. Because only if you work on all levels, you become whole again.

What others say about Tina

“Tina is a wonderful coach and extremely knowledgeable. She gave me clear, concrete information and insights on how to adjust my eating habits and nutrition. It took a while for me to adjust but I have significantly more energy and lost a ton of body fat. Highly recommended!”

– Noah