In Practice

Our whole-person approach to healthy living applies, next to healthy nutrition, multiple other pillars which will work hand in hand.

We will work on methods how to reduce your stress level, to find better & deeper sleep, how to live consciously, how to nurture & love yourself and – for that extra detox and serotonin kick – we will find a workout which you will love and never want to skip.

We will meet either on a video call or if you are on Ibiza in person. We will discuss your goals and what´s holding you back to achieve them. We´ll work together on a questionnaire to get a clearer picture about your eating habits, your and your family´s medical history.

Depending on the program we chose for you, you will already be supplied with the first steps how to start into a healthier life.

After our meeting you will receive a follow-up email with an action plan and plenty of resource links which will help you succeed.